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About Our Staff

With more than 5,400 professionals on board, Beach Cities Protective Services in Long Beach, California, has the manpower to provide you with complete coverage anywhere you require it. With services available worldwide, our security guards and private investigators get the job done 24/7.

Hand-Selected Guards

At Beach Cities, we believe that the key to client satisfaction is employee satisfaction. Most security guard companies draw from a basic manpower pool, but our business rises a step above through our detailed hand-selection and screening process. Each prospective security guard undergoes a thorough background check and verification of their qualifications. Thanks to our selective hiring process, only dedicated, career-minded professionals make it onto our team---and the compensation our employees receive is a reflection of the quality work they do each day. Employing 5,400 professional security personnel means that, if it's on the map we have the manpower to keep you Safe, Secure and Satisfied anywhere in the world.

Security Guards

Skilled Leadership
Our security organization is led by an exemplary management team staffed with former members of the law enforcement and FBI community. With more than 60 years of professional experience in management and investigation services, you can always trust that our day-to-day operations are managed with integrity. We strongly emphasize customer service and public relations, and strive to ensure a Safe, Secure, and Satisfied environment for each client. Because our top priority is protecting our clientele and their property, we make sure that every security guard in Los Angeles and San Diego on our team is constantly evaluated, receiving on-location supervision and in-house training.

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