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Executive Protection & Private Detective Services

Beach Cities Protective Services is your source for discreet personal executive protection and detective services. Based in Long Beach, California, we have extensive connections that allow us to help customers worldwide. From major movie stars, rock bands, and tours to corporate executives and world dignitaries, we work with everyone to provide needed security and detective services. Contact us at (877) 776-8282 to see how our highly trained security protection team can meet your needs.

Protective Services

Beach Cities is capable of providing discreet and confidential security guards, protection, and operational planning services for a variety of venues and scenarios. We provide on-site security guard services for sites as diverse as medical research facilities and car dealerships. Our services include:

• Executive Protection
• Bodyguards
• Security Officer
• Private Investigation
• Security Guard
• Armed & Unarmed Guards
• Private Investigator


Executive Protection
Investigative & Detective Services
Find out what is going on with our private detective services. From background checks and drug tests to arson and fraud, our investigators find out the truth for a wide range of situations, including:
• Arson
• Heirs
• Missing Persons
• Hidden Assets
• Civil & Criminal

• Organized Crime
• Child Kidnap & Recovery
• Insurance Claims
• Employment Background Check
• Drugs & Homicide

• Workplace & Domestic Violence
• Extortion, Fraud, & Forgery
• Business Embezzlement & Theft
• Police Officer Misconduct
• Loss Prevention

Contact us in Long Beach, California, to find out more about our executive protection and detective services.